Maintenance Free Composite Decking

Composite decking is the material of choice for homeowners looking to create a visually stunning deck that will last a lifetime but also requires relatively little maintenance. Designed to be the ideal material for luxury decks, composite is understandably taking its place as the most popular material used in deck construction today. Also known as composite wood decking or composite vinyl decking, this advanced material is created by blending natural wood with polymer fibers into a sturdy core. The particular composite material for decks used by Keystone Custom Decks is called capped composite decking. To develop capped composite decking, the wood composite core is capped with a durable vinyl exterior to further maximize its durability. This unique engineering process creates a lightweight material that can easily last for several decades.

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Multi-level composite deck

Composite Deck Builder Creating Unique Styles

When you’re building a luxury deck, you’re not just renovating your home — you’re making a stylistic statement. Another reason that backyard composite decks have emerged as the preferred material is that they can be used to create the widest variety of aesthetic styles. If you envision building a modern deck to match your modern suburban home, you’ll find the possibilities for cool colors inspiring. On the other hand, if you want to match the aesthetic of a rustic log home, composite wood decks can look indistinguishable from wood, perfect for a rustic style.

As composite deck builders, Keystone Custom Decks has earned a reputation for designing and creating showpiece decks out of vinyl composite decking. As craftsmen who are experienced at working with composite, we can design and build the advanced custom decks that other contractors shy away from. We even have experience building two-story composites decks. We begin every project by providing our clients with a fully 3D rendering of what their deck will look like — before they sign the final contract.

Composite Decking for Durability and Low Maintenance

In addition to being the perfect product to create a variety of distinct styles, custom decks also boast a lifespan far longer than any other deck material — without requiring extensive maintenance. When deciding if composite decks are worth it for your home, consider that this durability means you’ll be able to enjoy your deck, in pristine condition, for at least twice as long as a standard wooden deck.

Backyard composite decks maintain such an outstanding lifespan because the material itself is immune to the major factors that damage or undermine traditional wooden decking. Furthermore, these resistant qualities mean that composite decks will require far less maintenance than other materials.

Lovely composite deck

Gorgeous composite deck

Composite vs Wood Decks

Wooden decking was once the only decking material option. Now composite decks offer the same look plus a spectrum of benefits.

  • Over time the boards of all wooden decks will begin to splinter. Depending on the severity, this can require re-decking or the installation of a completely new deck. Due to the polymer fibers woven into the core, composite decking will never splinter — even after decades of use.
  • Traditional wooden decks are susceptible to surface stains that can only be removed by painting over them. The vinyl coating of composite decks renders them immune to surface stains.
  • Spending years exposed to the hot sun causes the distinct color of wooden decks to fade, ultimately turning an unpleasant shade of grey.  While composite decking can mimic the gorgeous colors of wood, there’s no risk of the material fading.
  • Mold infiltration is one of the most common reasons that decks become damaged and need to be torn down. When mold grows on a wooden surface, the fungus can quickly infiltrate the boards and weaken the deck. On the other hand, mold can’t composite decking and can simply be washed away.

Composite vs Vinyl Decking

Both of these materials are engineered to provide a long, low maintenance lifespan. When choosing a modern decking material, you need to compare pvc decks vs composite to find the material that fits your needs and budget.

  • While composite decking closely resembles real wood, vinyl decks can’t quite match that style. This may be a factor for homeowners looking to build a natural aesthetic.
  • The wood fibers in composite decking make it a more slip resistant surface compared to vinyl. This can be a factor when deciding on a material to install around a pool or hot tub.
  • Compared to composite decking, vinyl feels much hotter to the touch and can be less comfortable during sunny summer days.
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Composite Decking Brands

As a composite deck builder, we know that building true showpiece decks, begins with the best materials. We use well-regarded, nationwide brands of composite decking including:

  • TimberTech
  • Trex

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