Quality Vinyl & PVC Decking

Vinyl or PVC decking provides homeowners the winning combination of all-weather durability offered in a variety of eye-catching styles. Keystone Custom Decks designs and installs deluxe deck using products with the biggest names in the vinyl decking industry, including Wolf and AZEK. Partner with our experienced team make the deck of your dreams a reality.

Advantages of Vinyl and PVC Decking

Built from wood encased in a sheath of PVC, vinyl deck materials offer the strength of hardwood combined with the low-maintenance qualities of plastic. Simply put, our PVC decks can last a lifetime — without needing to be refinished or repaired. Since the vinyl material is available in a variety of different colors, you have nearly limitless options when matching a vinyl deck to your home’s siding. As a veteran vinyl decking installation contractor, we have decades of experience delivering jaw-dropping PVC decks to our clients — here’s why we recommend vinyl.

Composite decking has become a popular alternative option for many homeowners considering vinyl decking. Composite decks boast the stunning, rustic style of wood decks, but have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance like vinyl.

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Countless Stylish Options

Available in a multitude of trendy colors, textures and trims, vinyl decking makes for a gorgeous and versatile choice. Whether you have a modern or classically styled home, there is a vinyl deck to compliment it. With a whole catalogue of colors to choose from, PVC decking can match every type siding from stone to stucco. Select the tones and styles you prefer to create a truly memorable custom deck.

Decades of Durability

Another benefit of quality vinyl decking is that the material can withstand years of use – without looking worse for the wear. When you build a dream deck, you want to ensure that it lasts for decades. Nearly invulnerable to both weather and heavy use, vinyl decking maximizes durability and minimizes your headaches.


Water Resistant Properties

Vinyl decking materials boast water-resistant protection, helping safeguard your deck against the unwelcome impacts of rain, melting snow, drizzle and sleet. The polymers used in making vinyl decking materials withstand moisture, keeping the wooden structure dry and secure.

Low Maintenance Ownership

Need another reason why owning a vinyl deck from Keystone Custom Decks is a dream? PVC decking materials are inherently resistant to dirt and stains, making one of these deluxe decks extremely low-maintenance. Simply follow the manufacturer’s directions to enjoy virtually carefree upkeep, year after year.

Design a Luxury Vinyl or PVC Deck With Keystone Custom Decks

Whether you live in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, or upstate New York, you can count on family-owned and operated Keystone Custom Decks to design and install your deck. Our team possess extensive experience creating custom decks tailored to our customers’ unique tastes. As part of our deck design process, all of our customers receive a full 3D model of their PVC deck before we begin construction.

Our mission at Keystone Custom Decks is to provide a smooth experience installing the vinyl deck of your dreams. If you have any questions about the advantages of vinyl or PVC decking, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment to discuss a deck project with us, simply contact us.

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