Breathe New Life Into Your Exterior Spaces with An Outdoor Fireplace & Firepits

One way the experienced builders at Keystone Custom Decks help homeowners take advantage of backyard space is with bold, beautiful outdoor fireplaces and firepits. These features can be a welcome addition to a cozy patio or a spacious deck already used for outdoor entertaining. When integrated into your existing landscape, attractive paver patios and firepits can extend casual gatherings from your home’s kitchen and dining areas into your adjacent backyard. Because of the many different styles, designs, and custom features available from Keystone Custom Decks, fireplaces and fire pits can be tailored to your specific preferences and tastes. The best outdoor fireplaces can be used for a range of activities such as outdoor cooking, ambiance, and added warmth as seasons change.


Neville Firepit


Multiple Options with Outdoor Fireplace and Firepits

From creating new entertaining spots in your backyard to enhancing an existing deck or patio, there are many ways outdoor fireplaces and firepits can enhance your home. Freestanding or portable fireplaces and firepits are appealing because they can be moved to suit different needs throughout the year. Permanent installations can also give any backyard, patio, or deck a luxurious feel. Of course, these backyard additions may also serve as an excuse to host parties and special gatherings earlier and later in the year due to the extra warmth provided. Keystone Custom Decks offer a wide array of different designs and options, including outdoor propane fireplaces and wood-burning fireplaces.

Paver Patios and Firepits

One way to individualize your hardscape features is with paver patios and firepits. We have natural stone and manufactured pavers available in an assortment of colors and sizes that can be used to create your fire pit and the immediate area around it. Design-wise, your options are nearly limitless with pavers. If you have an existing patio with pavers, we can match the design or recommend complementary designs and colors to match your new fire pit. Are you starting from scratch with your backyard? If this is the case, we can design, build, and install a patio that includes a backyard fire pit.

Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Stone, stucco, tile, and brick are common materials for outdoor fireplaces. As far as fuel goes, we can give you a customized fireplace fueled by gas or coal. But if you prefer something that’s both modern and traditional, an outdoor wood burning fireplace from Keystone Custom Decks is worth considering. Possibilities include a traditional chimney-style shape with accessories like a BBQ rack, or designs with a one-piece front, brick-style liners, and mesh screens for added safety. We can even add a place for log storage to your outdoor wood burning fireplace.

Stone Outdoor Fireplaces

Add fireside ambiance to your backyard with a stone outdoor fireplace. Stone is a popular and ideal choice for an outdoor fireplace for many reasons. First of all, outdoor stone fireplaces are durable and fairly low in maintenance. Secondly, there’s a lot more diversity with style with stone fireplaces than you may realize. While you might think of stone as being limited to shades of gray, there are many different types of stone that can be used for a stone outdoor fireplace, such as limestone, granite, slate, and marble, that can give your exterior fireplace a classic, textured, or bold look.

Moscoe Firepit


Nichols Chimney Fireplace

Outdoor Chimney Fireplaces

With an outdoor chimney fireplace from Keystone Custom Decks, you’ll have a perfect place to gather to relax, cook, and spend time together as a family. If you have a home without a fireplace, a chimney-style design can be an appealing benefit, especially if you sell your home in the future. All it takes is a few accessories to turn fireplaces like this into outdoor cooking spots. Simply let us know what you have in mind and we’ll create a custom outdoor chimney fireplace that’s just right for your needs, existing landscape elements, and available budget.

Take the ideas you have for your backyard spaces and let the Keystone Custom Decks design team turn them into something beautiful. We have a history of producing amazing, lasting results for homeowners. Whether your backyard is in Lancaster County or other parts of Pennsylvania or nestled in neighborhoods in Maryland, New Jersey, Upstate New York, or Delaware, you can expect a pleasant, money-saving experience and top-quality results from us. We make it easy to design an outdoor fireplace or backyard fire pit with innovative design methods like 3D modeling. It’s a process that will allow you to see what your preferred features will look like before our expert builders get to work. Contact our friendly staff today to get started.