High-End Custom Outdoor Kitchens & Kitchen Islands

Cooking and enjoying time with friends and family members during meals no longer has to be relegated to indoor spaces. An increasingly popular outdoor living trend, outdoor kitchens are the go-to spot for barbecues and cookouts. The talented designers and builders from Keystone Custom Decks can give you an outdoor kitchen that includes amenities such as a specially designed oven, an outdoor kitchen island, a smoker, a refrigerator, and storage space for food. Because each outdoor kitchen can be tailored to specific preferences, it’s an option that can work in many different exterior environments. After we have your outdoor kitchen up and running, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

A custom outdoor kitchen or covered outdoor kitchen can include many different features and amenities, from grills and traditional ovens designed for outdoor use to pizza ovens, and fire pits for ambiance and warmth. Sinks, countertops, built-in cabinets, lighting, kitchen islands, and flooring can also be part of your outdoor kitchen’s design. Our expert builders can even incorporate a bar area, entertainment systems, ceiling fans, and cozy seating areas. Our individualized approach to design means you’ll have an outdoor kitchen that fits in naturally with your existing outdoor features — and is 100% custom. On the other hand, we can also create an entirely new design that matches any new construction or remodeling you may be doing. The team from Keystone Custom Decks has created custom-designed outdoor kitchens for homeowners throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

Miller Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Islands

Outdoor kitchen islands provide ample space for food prep and storage. As is the case with interior kitchen islands, outdoor versions can include seating, creating a place where your culinary delights can be enjoyed. There are many unique features that outdoor islands can have, such as making your BBQ grill part of the design. In addition to storage space, your outdoor kitchen island can include built-in trash bins, a working sink, and even a spot to place a vinyl pergola for extra protection from the elements.

Outdoor BBQ Kitchens

Portable or built-in grills are a standard feature of outdoor BBQ kitchens. Your exterior BBQ kitchen will be anything but ordinary when it’s created by the Keystone Custom Decks team. Our design team will make recommendations based on considerations such as how many people you normally cook for and what accessories you want to be included. Exterior BBQ kitchens can blend in with your existing landscape elements and deck railings. Or you can opt for a modern design that will stand as a bold addition to your backyard.

Affordable Outdoor Kitchens

An exterior kitchen can easily be incorporated into what you already have on your patio or deck. We make our projects even more budget-friendly by using materials and products that are durable and designed to stand up to the elements — and regular use. We also find ways to include energy-efficient features, whenever possible, to further increase long-term savings potential. Plus, you’ll save money by creating a comparable restaurant-style experience at home.

Detail-Oriented Designs

We’ll pay attention to every detail when designing and building your new outdoor kitchen. For instance, ventilation is important in areas where a grill or stove will be located. Placement is equally essential for things like smokers and grills since you’ll want the smoke to blow away from the cooking area and seating areas. Once all decisions have been made, we’ll meticulously turn your concept into something that’s a centerpiece to your outdoor living space for many years.

Roberts Outdoor Kitchen

Make Your Cooking Environment More Scenic with Outdoor Kitchens from Keystone Custom Decks

With a high-end outdoor kitchen from Keystone Custom Decks, you can enjoy the many benefits of extending your living space outside. For many of our customers, it’s also an option that provides a much-appreciated boost in curb appeal and home value. When you’re ready to get started, we’ll make the design process as pleasant and productive as possible. We employ 3D modeling techniques to allow you to visualize your outdoor kitchen before we start building. We’ll also provide an accurate estimate for your approval before you commit to anything. Inspired? Contact the experienced outdoor kitchen builders from Keystone Custom Kitchens today to get started.