Your Local Backyard Patio Builders

The marriage of beauty and value, patios can enhance your backyard with an eye-catching, budget pleasing style. In addition to crafting bespoke decks, Keystone Custom Decks is a patio and deck builder who creates unique patios to match a variety of home styles. We look forward to working with you to design, refine, and build the backyard patio of your dreams.

Backyard Patios

Whether you prefer a basic style, or you want a design that will become the dominant focal point of your backyard, the patio builders at Keystone Custom Decks can help bring it to life. With a backyard patio that’s tailored to your exterior features, you’ll enjoy a convenient and comfortable place to relax on warmer days, watch your kids play, or entertain guests. Furthermore, a finely crafted piece designed and installed by our local patio builders can also provide a boost to your home’s value. A versatile material, patio concrete can also be prepared to resemble more expensive materials like brick and marble.

McGowan Deck

Covered Patios

Does your home sit in direct sun most of the day? Explore the possibilities with covered patios from Keystone Custom Decks. A covered patio allows you to enjoy the outdoors with the added comfort of relief from the sun. A covered patio can provide the perfect venue for a picnic lunch or family gathering. Your patio cover may have an open or solid roof. A similar structure is an outdoor pergola, a freestanding structure supported by posts or columns. Our seasoned team can design and build a pergola that serves as a source of filtered shade for your patio.

Brick Patios

Brick pavers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and finishes, allowing for a great deal of flexibility with design. Essentially, the design possibilities with brick are nearly limitless.  Our talented crew has experience envisioning and building brick patios with a variety of layouts and patterns. Because of our versatility, you’ll benefit from a patio that’s a perfect complement to your home’s architectural style and exterior features.

Flagstone Patios

Flagstone patios from Keystone Custom Decks are appealing because their design includes narrow joints that let water permeate rather than run off. Earthy shades that include brown, red, gray, and blue hues give flagstone surfaces an eye-catching natural appearance. Sandstone, limestone, and slate are the most common types of flagstone used for outdoor structures. Characterized by rich coloring, this durable material is also naturally slip-resistant. Flagstone designs can also last for many years, especially when designed and built by our experts.

Paver Patios

It’s hard to deny the timeless appeal of paver patios. Since the pavers pieces are individually placed, complicated designs can be created with ease. It’s a design option worth considering if your patio will be a heavy traffic area. With a paver patio installed by our expert local patio builders, you’ll enjoy long-term value by not having to seal or stain it throughout the years. Repairs are also easier since paving stones are separate and can be replaced individually if need be.

Mckenzie Deck

Smith Patio

Flexible Design Options

When it comes to patios, if you can dream it, you can do it. Outdoor patios don’t have to be traditional. They also don’t have to be relegated to the space adjacent to your home. You may prefer a patio that’s primarily designed as an outdoor living area, focused on cooking and entertainment. Our patio builders can skillfully maximize your available space to allow for features like firepits and outdoor grilling stations. As for designs, your patio can be the centerpiece of any stylistic statement you envision. You have access to a massive catalog of shades, textures, patterns, and more.

Minimal Maintenance Designs

A patio that has a good base and solid design, including durable materials, can end up limiting the time and money you spend on maintenance. The precision that goes into our work includes placing bricks or stones close together to minimize opportunities for weed growth. The durability of our well-designed patios also makes it easier to simply hose down concrete, bricks, flagstone, and other commonly used patio materials. Learn more about our masonry features.

Personalize Your Backyard with Patios from Keystone Custom Decks

Any type of patio can be a smart investment and a welcome addition to your backyard. The local patio builders at Keystone Custom Decks have an eye for detail and design. Contact us today to meet with our experienced patio builders to discuss your options.