Discover the Versatility and Modern Functionality of Custom-Crafted Pergolas from Keystone Custom Decks

First introduced in Europe around the 1600s, pergolas have become one of the most popular outdoor accessories. Sometimes referred to as a covered porch, a pergola is much more than that in terms of where it can be located and how it may be incorporated into a backyard landscape. Both gazeebos and pergolas have the ability to transform a backyard from ordinary to exceptional. If you’re looking to give your backyard more character, consider the possibilities with quality built pergolas custom designed by the Keystone Custom Decks team. Typically supported by vertical posts or pillars, sun shade pergoals can provide comfort and long-term value for your home.

Nichols Pergola

Wood Pergolas

Do you have a deck with unused space below it? You can incorporate sturdy, custom-crafted wood into that space for a unique touch. Not only can wood be painted or stained to any shade you prefer, it can also make a pergola somewhat more resistant to water. Choosing wood for a pergola also allows for your new design to be paired with an existing wooden deck or porch. Our builders can apply special treatments to your pergola’s wood to make it resistant to damage from insects and rot.

Cedar Pergolas

Made with premium lumber, cedar pergolas from Keystone Custom Decks are beautiful and strong. A custom-designed cedar pergola can easily add style to your yard, serve as a picnic area, and extend the living space of your home. The self-protecting qualities of cedar also make this material a smart choice for homeowners who want a durable wooden pergola.

Vinyl Pergolas

Vinyl pergolas from Keystone Custom Decks won’t chip, warp, rot, splinter, or become discolored over time. Not only is vinyl low maintenance and extremely resilient in areas where storms frequently occur, it can also resemble just about any species of wood and other materials.Whether you want to strategically add shade to your yard or create a new gathering spot for friends and family, a vinyl pergola can easily meet your needs. Since many homes today have siding made of vinyl, a vinyl pergola can easily blend in with a home’s exterior colors and textures.

Patios and Pergolas

Take your patio from ordinary to extraordinary by adding a pergola. Because of the many design possibilities, covered or uncovered outdoor pergolas can be incorporated into your patio’s existing layout. Our experienced builders can also design and construct patios and pergolas as part of a single project. If you prefer a design that’s more that favors the functional, consider adding outdoor kitchen or grilling features to your patio and pergola.

Custom Pergolas

When you choose to build custom, you can design your ideal arched or curved pergola. In addition, your custom pergola can also have outdoor safe plugs for electric grills and other accessories you may wish to incorporate into your outdoor living space. Big backyards aren’t necessary for outdoor pergolas since we can create designs specific to any dimensions that work best for your exteriors.

Rather than looking for pergola kits, you should work with a team of craftsemen who build pergolas and gazeebos. Whether placed adjacent to a backyard entrance or separately in another area, a pergola can be a welcome addition to any home nestled in communities we serve in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware. We have an innovative approach to design that can make it easier to turn ideas for custom pergolas into beautiful realities. With our 3D modeling, you’ll be able to literally picture what your pergola will look like before we build it, making it easier to make adjustments to fine-tune your vision. Ready to make your outdoor spaces more functional and visually appealing? Contact us today to explore your options for the best pergolas from Keystone Custom Decks.

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