Covered Front & Back Porches with Screened-In Options

Meant to bridge the gap between your home and full exposure to the outdoors, a porch is an exterior extension of a home. But porches can be more than just the area outside of your back or front door with designs specific to your needs. The expert builders at Keystone Custom Decks will create a porch that complements your home’s style and boosts your curb appeal.

Give Your Home the Perfect Enhancement with A Custom Porch

When designing an outdoor living space with a porch or screened-in porch, you need to consider size and shape of the porch itself, materials used for the floor and supporting posts and roof, and the placement of railings, posts, lighting, and access points.

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Front Porches

A front porch is the most traditional type of porch. It’s popular with homeowners wanting to create a welcoming area for guests. It remains a popular choice for both new home builds and remodeling projects. A portico design can also provide shelter for guests and add some character and dimension to a home with flat exterior features. A front porch with more depth and space will give you enough room to add some seating, a swing, or other exterior accessories.

Backyard Porches

Typically more informal in design, backyard porches usually connect the kitchen to the adjacent backyard or garden area. Because back porches usually offer more privacy, there’s more flexibility with how this space can be used. While some homeowners prefer something basic and cozy, more expansive designs can give your backyard more function and appeal. For instance, a large back porch might serve as an outdoor mudroom, a place to house your outdoor kitchen, or a sheltered area for potted plants. Our builders can also combine a back porch with a composite deck or vinyl deck for even more backyard porch options.

Screened-In Porches

If you enjoy fragrant flowers and the fresh breeze but not bugs and direct exposure to the sun, consider a screened-in porch. As with our other outdoor creations, screened-in porches can be made with different materials and designed to reflect your home’s style. The screens may be made from lightweight fiberglass mesh or aluminum mesh, which is more resistant to corrosion. Woven sun-blocking screens provide more shading. Screens can also be made with heavy metal mesh to give a screened-in porch some added security. Tougher screens are also a good choice if you have smaller children or pets likely to be using the porch. Learn more about Keystone Custom Decks revolutionary screened-in porch ideas.

Enclosed Porches

Sometimes called “sun rooms,” enclosed porches create a comfortable living space that’s a direct extension of your home. Our expert builders can give you an enclosed porch that naturally matches your home’s exterior colors and features. Enclosed porches are appealing since they can serve as a year-round living space. The sun room interior can be heated and include additional amenities such as a ceiling fan, air conditioning, electricity, carpeting, beautiful hardwood flooring, and even a gas or wood burning fireplace.

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Porch Interior

Covered Porches

A covered porch is also a perfect spot to sip lemonade on summer days sitting on your favorite outdoor furniture. When built correctly by the experienced team at Keystone Custom Decks, a covered porch can become a significant enhancement to your property and your home’s value. There are many options with a covered porch. It can be a basic addition to your front or rear entryway, or we can build it over an existing deck if you want to add more space.

Porches and Decks

Porches and decks can easily be combined together providing you ample outdoor space for cooking and entertaining. With our seamless approach to design, porches and decks that are built together can share architectural characteristics to create a more uniform look. As is the case with our other designs, the possibilities are nearly endless when you combine a porch with a deck. Your porch can serve as the entryway to your deck or simply extend into a full deck. Another option is a complete wraparound porch, which can create different zones around your home, especially if you have exterior doors leading to different parts of the porch.

Custom Porches for PA, NY, NJ, DE, & MD

When working with the designers at Keystone Custom Decks, your possibilities for a custom porch are nearly limitless. With our 3D modeling process, you’ll be able to fine-tune your ideas and visualize your new porch before it’s even built. We’ve exceeded the expectations of many homeowners throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. We look forward to producing the same results for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and receive an estimate.