Outdoor Water Features to Compliment Your Deck or Patio

Outdoor water features are a popular and unique element to add to any backyard patio or deck project. We can incorporate many different styles and options of water features into your project. In addition to looking great, outdoor water features create the soothing sound of water to relax and regroup after a long day. They can even serve for privacy when positioned correctly.

From water walls, fish ponds, fire and water combinations, and waterfalls, Keystone Custom Decks can create a water feature that you can enjoy for years to come. Each type of water feature creates a different effect. Here are some ideas to inspire your next project.

outdoor water wall

Water Wall Features

Water wall features can add both privacy and a distinct elegance to your patio, deck, or porch. There are several types of outdoor water walls that come in many different sizes. Each offer the sound of gently falling water, which invites relaxation and calm into your outdoor retreat. While fountains are more traditional, an outdoor water wall is a fresh update that takes up very little space yet makes a big impact. Our water features can be made of stones to create a very natural look.

In addition to building material, you will also want to give some thought to how you want to position your outdoor water wall. Options include putting it along one side of your deck or patio for added privacy, or to create the illusion of more space.

Fire and Water Combinations

Combining an outdoor firepit or fireplace with patio water features creates cozy contrast for year-round outdoor entertaining, inviting more time with friends and family to gather, cook, and socialize. When you work with Keystone Custom Decks, the fire pit and water features will be included seamlessly in your deck or patio space. If you are starting from scratch in your backyard, we can work with you to create a beautiful design from the ground up.

A deck with a waterfall and fire pit will add contrast. You have the quiet beauty of gently running water, and the warm glow of a fire. You have many options for how to incorporate these design features into a patio. While combining these features can be complex, we love projects like this. If you have an ambitious idea for your deck design, contact us and we’ll make it a reality.

deck with a waterfall and fire pit

patio waterfalls

Patio Waterfalls

Patio waterfalls are relaxing to look at and can be positioned in different ways. You can choose to have them lead into a pond, or stand on their own as water wall features. You also have the option of layering waterfalls so one leads to the next.

Outdoor Fish Ponds

Outdoor fish ponds add peace and tranquility to any backyard space. People often choose to put koi and water plants in their fish ponds. The outdoor fish ponds we build can work in any size space, even if you have a small backyard or limited room on your patio. They can additionally be combined with a patio waterfall for a dramatic statement.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Water Features

At Keystone Custom Decks, we have years of experience helping homeowners achieve beautiful results in their outdoor spaces. We use innovative design tools like 3D modeling, which lets you visualize what the results will look like before our expert builders begin your project. You can expect a pleasant experience and high-quality results when you work with us. Contact our team today to get started.